About Us

Pan Pacific Travel Corporation (PPTC) was established in August 1978 by a group of energetic, aggressive and reputable businessmen who foresee the growing bright future of the Tourism industry in the country.  Together with processing of travel documents as well as being a wholesaler of many major airlines operating in the Philippines, PPTC also organizes package tour groups to Asia, South Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States of America.  It is likewise consistent in its effort to find new travel destinations in order to cater to the ever-growing needs of the Philippine Market.

For your Local and International Travel / Tours requirements, our company offers a comprehensive range of products and services for your upcoming events and functions, such as:

                    OUTBOUND DIVISION

·         International Airline Ticketing Services

·         International Hotel / Resort Reservations

·         International Tour Packages

·         Trafalgar Individual / Group European Tour Packages

·         International Incentive Travel Organizer

·         International Cruise Services

·         Travel Documentations and Visa Assistance


                    INBOUND DIVISION

·         Educational Tours and Field Trips

·         Local Tours and Convention Arrangements

·         Hotels / Resorts Room Reservations

·         Transportation Requirements

·         Individual Traveler and Group Tour Packages

·         Domestic Ticketing Services

·         Incentive Travel Organizer

·         Local Cruise Services


For years, PPTC has garnered voluminous top awards for its excellent sales performance for various major airlines operating in the Philippines like that of Philippine Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, China Airlines, Korean Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Air France / KLM, Northwest Airlines, Singapore  Airlines, Thai International, Asiana Airlines, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, American Airlines, Qantas Airways and the various other carriers.

A testimony of its achievements in the travel trade is its numerous awards and recognition from its partners in the hotel/resort and airline industry as well, to wit:

·         Top producer awardee of major airlines operating in the Philippines.

·         Top producer awardee of major hotels and resorts in the Philippines

          With it’s significant achievement in the Travel and Tours Industry for the for over two (2) decades, Pan Pacific Travel Corporation is now being recognized as on of the most respected and favored travel agency / tour operator in the Philippines.  Our success is greatly attributed to our ability to provide a multitude of product range that our customers may choose from and our commitment to provide them excellent service.  




           Appointed Preferred Sales Agent for Star Cruises, the leading Cruise Line in Asia-Pacific & NCL Norwegian Cruise line.

In July of 1998, Pan Pacific Travel Corporation was awarded the General Sales Agent of TRAFALGAR, the World’s Best Escorted Tours.



Pan Pacific Travel Corporation is a proud member of the following local and international travel organizations:


·         International Air Transport Association                                      (IATA)

·         Philippine International Association of Travel Agencies        (PIATA)

·         Pacific Asia Travel Associations                                                 (PATA)

·         Philippine Convention and Visitors Corp.                                 (PCVC)

·         Philippine Tour Operators Associations                                   (PHILTOA)

·         Philippine Travel Agencies Association                                    (PTAA)

·         Skal Club of Manila                                                                        (SKAL)

·         Movement of Incentive Travel Agencies                                     (MITE)

·         Japan Association of Travel Agencies                                       (JATA)

·         Women in Travel                                                                            (WIT)   

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